I want someone to meet me halfway; I want things to be a two-way street.

Like, maybe it won’t always be equal;
it won’t always be 50/50 and maybe it’ll only be 60/40 most of the time,
but I want you to take initiative.

I want us to make time for each other.
I get it, you’re busy, we’re all busy.
But it’s true that we make time for the things & the people that we care about.

I want the little things that show you appreciate someone.
Even if it’s only a ‘I just wanted to say hello’ text.
Or a link to something that you think I might like or find funny.
Even if it’s just ‘good morning,’
or a ‘guess what I had for lunch today?’

And it doesn’t have to be every day,
but I don’t want it to feel like it’s so intermittent that I start to wonder if you’ve strayed.

I want open communication; I want you to ask me questions.
What are your thoughts? What are your feelings?
“These are my thoughts, these are my feelings.”
I want you to be comfortable enough to want to share those.
I get it, it’s private and there are things you’d rather keep to yourself.
‘Me too,’
but aren’t there things that you would want to share with me?

I want whatever we are to be healthy.
I want to be my own person with my own life and my freedoms,
and want you to be your own person with your own life and your own freedoms.
But, I still want us to want to come together & be with each other.

I want to grow in love, not “fall in love,” nor fall into infatuation or codependency.
But, I still want us to help each other out, in ways that help the other grow into the best version of themselves that they can and would like to be.

I want both of us to feel happy and secure and calm and comfortable whenever we’re around each other.
I want to feel good and great when we’re not around each other.

I want to be on the same page with where we both want this to go;
I want to know if we’re both headed in the same direction, holding each other’s hands and neither of us wants to let go.

This is what I want but I am not going to run after it any longer.