I am working on finding a more stimulating and fulfilling job after April 2016.

I swear to God, I am planning to go on some kind of trip at least 2x in 2016.

I am saving enough money to get my own apartment by my birthday in 2016.

I am finding and surrounding myself with people who can see and love the real me and do not bring me down, energy-wise.

I am working towards discovering and being my best self.

I am continuously aiming to achieve “open-mind status” each and every day.

I am choosing to redirect my thoughts and feelings so that I can behave positively in every situation that comes my way.

I am nurturing the relationships I have now.

I am focusing on the present moments and learning how to worry less about the future.

I am shifting my focus to how I want to live my life and what I want to make happen.