Note: I wrote this 18 days ago. There will be a Part III soon enough. Just as soon as I figure my truths out and can formulate the feelings into words.

I want someone that values their time enough to plan ahead our dates and the time we spend together. Someone that knows that despite the busy lives we lead, we will always make time for each other because we care enough.

I want someone that is open-minded enough that not only shares their beliefs and opinions, but wants to have a channel of communication wide enough that concerns, worries, problems/issues, etc. can be talked about too, whenever they arise.

I want someone that welcomes and faces challenges head on. I understand that everything in life is work, but I want someone that is willing to put in an equal amount of work into the relationship because they want to and care so much to.

I want our relationship to be fun and playful and silly. I want jokes to fly all around us but when the going gets tough, no one goes.

I want us to be able to be alone, but together. Independent; two people making a unit.