• Someone that takes me to a wedding or special occasion, not just to have a date for appearances, but because they genuinely like my company and want to share such a time & memory with me.
  • Someone that doesn’t mind talking to me every day, even if it’s just to tell me ‘hello,’ but respects me enough to give me space.
  • Someone that helps me feel like anything is possible; that I can be completely myself around — good mood, bad mood, ugly crying face, sunbeam grins shooting out of my face; no pretending and no pressure to be someone I’m not.
  • Someone that knows I have many flaws but can & wants to look past them and see the real me. That can accept me for how I am, not who they want me to be, expect me to be or imagine me to be.
  • Someone that does not mind doing their own thing by themselves but when we come together, we are both interested in what the other has to say.
  • *Someone that wants me enough to take risks, and wants to be emotionally and spiritually connected, except if there are numerous red flags.*
  • **A relationship where we meet each other halfway – 50/50 in everything, possibly more/less on other days; where someone wants to make the efforts to have me and keep me in their life.**
  • ***Someone that is sure about me, so that we both don’t have to wake up every day wondering if they really care about us or not.***

I wonder how many parts this title will have; I wonder if this list will ever get shorter or stop at some point.