My advice to someone else about confidence:

“I think that you wanting to be like the next Steve Jobs or someone that chooses that over happiness is: 1) Crazy as fuck and 2) someone that’s also inspiring in a way.

I know you have fears, like the confidence one, but you can’t let it stop you. Please don’t let it. Confidence can always be rebuilt even though it’s rough and tough as hell.


Surrounding yourself with the right people helps tremendously. If that means standing alone, so be it. The right people being people that bring you up, teach you things and just plain care about you.

I also hate the way you talk about yourself, just saying. You regret, then you move on and leave that shit in the past.”

I feel like in helping other people and telling someone else this, out loud, it really helps put things in perspective for me and helps me to figure out what I need to do.