Wise Words. — May 31, 2016

Wise Words.

“Don’t take any shit from anybody;
you’re a very smart person,
don’t let anyone tell you any different.”
~Howard Swengler
(Said to me on May 31, 2014)

Knowing. — May 28, 2016


Do you know who I am?

…I’m starting to.

And I believe that’s all that matters.

If you’re lucky and work hard, maybe you will know yourself and believe in what matters too.

Lo and Behold. — May 24, 2016

Lo and Behold.

Will I ever be whole?
I thought the road to making ourselves whole,
was a lifelong journey?

“Love yourself first before loving others.”
Wouldn’t this also take a lifetime?

What does this even mean?
Does it mean that I shouldn’t be in a (healthy) relationship then?

I thought there are no rules.

I never believed (and still don’t believe) that you can control when you fall in love,

but then does that make falling in love,
foolishness, child’s play,
a naïve concept that people cling to because they adore the feelings?

Love is for the big leaguers.

Love is a choice that you make every single day.

I choose to love myself every day.
I choose to love you every day.
Do you choose yourself too,

then do you choose me?

I made the choice to love myself first only recently.

I also discovered that not only was love inside of me,

am love all along,
Skeptical. (Quote.) — May 19, 2016

Skeptical. (Quote.)

Loving someone is hard and active, not easy and passive. When you sign up to actually love people – no fakers allowed – then you sign up for a life of runny noses, awkward car rides, hugs that last too long, pauses that demand no noise, and admitting you were wrong. If you want to actually love people then you have to be willing to be wrong.
Love is forgiveness. And it’s atonement. And it’s basically like putting your soul in a washing machine – it’s not some gentle cycle, it’s a fierce whipping that rings you out good.
It makes the stains fade. Best of all, it fills the holes.
– Hannah Brencher
Past Tense. —

Past Tense.

Sometimes, things just didn’t work out.

Sometimes, you even felt SO lucky that you found someone that you clicked with right away — where everything made sense…all the pieces fell into place and you two understood each other without even saying a word, like you were reading each others’ minds.

Sometimes when an ocean separated you two, you felt them near you at night, even if it was just through a computer screen.

Sometimes, someone can say said ‘I love you,’ but later on, proved that they didn’t mean it.

Sometimes, you could be in somebody’s presence and automatically know that they are all wrong for you.

Sometimes, someone showed you exactly how they felt about you…and that was all that you needed.

Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be.
And other times, they are.



Love & Memories. — May 10, 2016

Love & Memories.

The Other Side. —
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