Will I ever be whole?
I thought the road to making ourselves whole,
was a lifelong journey?

“Love yourself first before loving others.”
Wouldn’t this also take a lifetime?

What does this even mean?
Does it mean that I shouldn’t be in a (healthy) relationship then?

I thought there are no rules.

I never believed (and still don’t believe) that you can control when you fall in love,

but then does that make falling in love,
foolishness, child’s play,
a naïve concept that people cling to because they adore the feelings?

Love is for the big leaguers.

Love is a choice that you make every single day.

I choose to love myself every day.
I choose to love you every day.
Do you choose yourself too,

then do you choose me?

I made the choice to love myself first only recently.

I also discovered that not only was love inside of me,

am love all along,