via Daily Prompt: Renewal

It’s so coincidental that today’s Daily Prompt is Renewal because that is EXACTLY how I feel today — I feel renewed and invigorated.

I’ve been stuck in a pretty deep rut lately, guys (and gals) and only yesterday, have I pulled myself out of it.

I have a week off from work this week and I’ve been using the time to adult (i.e. errands, money stuff, laundry, etc.), read and write.

I forgot how healthy those 2 outlets for me, are. Plus, they put me in good moods, even when I’ve got writer’s block.

Yesterday, I finally figured out why I became cynical and bitter about love and life. It’s because life didn’t turn out the way I wanted or planned it to. So, I realized I’ve been acting like a brat and that shit has gotta stop.

Even though it’s not 2017 yet, I am now making more of a conscious effort to commit to myself. That means that I am going to do more things for me like continue to read books and write in this journal and work on my story that’s been on hiatus since the beginning of this year.

I decided that I’m tired of being sad all the time the majority of the time.
I decided that since I’ve been keeping myself small all my life to not appear weird to the world, I thought, let’s try something different and try being myself and see what happens.

I realized that I am the most powerful when I am myself and appear confident.
I am definitely happier and want to spread happiness and love.

Oh yes, I am also making more of an effort to trust myself.

I spent all this time not trusting myself out of fear of being wrong, being ridiculed for my opinions, etc. and I don’t want to do that anymore because it hasn’t been helping me.

Trusting myself…that means that I am not going to overthink things, I will make plans and back-up plans, and I will make decisions based on intuition, past experiences and weighing pros/cons/options.

I choose to be more creative and stop procrastinating on projects that I’ve been wanting to complete for some time now, like a (new) vision board and inspirational posters I’d like to decorate my room with.

On another note, I love when the Universe dishes my advice back to me. My waxer told me today that things really do happen when you least expect them to and when you’re not looking. She basically said to prioritize and focus on something else than what you want and it’ll manifest in your life.

Welp, Happy New Year everybody! Here’s to another year of life and love and messes and getting lost and somehow finding your way back. Cheers and love!