A Note From The Universe. — June 6, 2018

A Note From The Universe.

Talk about magical rendezvous …

Right this very moment, on a distant farm, there basks a fig, a nut, a berry, whose very life force will soon be your own. But that’s not all…

Right this very moment, there’s a gorgeous home on a splendid property with a spectacular view, whose roof will someday give you shelter. But that’s not all…

Right this very moment, there are beautiful souls on your beautiful planet, whom you do not even know, yet through your meanderings and theirs, paths will cross, love will be shared, and eternal friendships will be created. I’m still not done…

And nothing you do, or don’t do, can prevent these serendipities I’ve just shared and so, so many more.

Amen, hallelujah –
The Universe

Random Notes. — May 6, 2018

Random Notes.

“The price you pay to learn and grow is pain and discomfort.”
Not saying that one needs to be in constant pain and discomfort…

Where to start?

How about here: what do you value?
(When you value something, it means you find it extremely important.)

“The constant pursuit of positivity and comfort is counter-productive.”
(From The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, by Mark Manson)

Do I need a reason to appreciate myself or can I just appreciate myself unconditionally?

Also, ‘perfect’ is an illusion. The real world doesn’t award perfectionists. Done is better than perfect.

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I am the epitome of a paradox:

~ I say I want stability, but in practice, it bores me.

~ I believe I want the “American Dream,” but in actuality, it scares the hell outta me that I’ll place myself in the box of the mundane suburban life.

~ I act like I am strong all the time and I put a brave face on for the show that is called life, and yet, inside, I could crumble and break down and am in pain.

~ I state that I want a serious romantic partner…yet in hindsight, being serious with (mostly) everyone didn’t help me build solid footing.

~ I want to be practical, rational….and then I also want to be inside my emotions.

~ I yearn for people to get to know the “real” me, but I confuse everyone with a swirling fog that they get lost in and give up.

~ I ache with the knowing that I am impatient even though I want to be patient and see where I go in life.

~ I sometimes think that I want certainty and guarantees but when I actually receive them,  I don’t trust or believe it.

I wonder if I will ever be sure of anything.

Sick Cycle Carousel. — November 7, 2017

Sick Cycle Carousel.

So when will this end?
It goes on and on,
Over and over and over again.
Keep spinning around, I know that it won’t stop
Till I step down from this for good.
I never thought I’d end up here;
I never thought I’d be standing where I am
I guess I kind of thought it would be easier than this.
Quotes. — November 2, 2017


“You’re looking for the explanation, the loophole, the bright twist in the dark tale that reverses your story’s course. But it won’t reverse–for me or for you or for anyone who has ever been wronged, which is everyone. Allow your acceptance of the universality of suffering to be a transformative experience. You do that by simply looking at what pains you squarely in the face and then moving on. You don’t have to move fast or far. You can go just an inch. You can mark your progress breath by breath.” (Cheryl Strayed)

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” (Marcel Proust)

“You must never give in to despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning to inner strength.” (ATLA)

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” (Carl Jung)


From This Moment On. — October 27, 2017

From This Moment On.

The stories I hold inside myself will never stop being sad.
What I went through as a child was horrific and traumatizing.

That being said though, I’ve still got to move on.

In the words of Moana:

“…They have stolen the heart from inside you…
but this does not define you.
This is not who you are;
you know who you are.”